Fresh plans to knock down and rebuild Caledonian Road pub

Two Brewers pub in Islington

Two Brewers pub in Islington - Credit: Google Maps

Fresh plans have been drawn up to knock down and rebuild a popular pub off the Caledonian Road.

Four Brewers Ltd wants to demolish the Two Brewers on Roman Way and rebuild it on the ground floor and basement together with four flats as part of a development it says will cost up to £2million.

They include three two-bedroom homes and one with three bedrooms on the site, close to the Caldeonian estate.

It comes after two previous applications to knock down the traditional pub and build a new hostelry and flats were turned down.

The Two Brewers was given the Best Pub of the Year accolade by Pub Sessions, which reviews pubs.

In 2021 Islington Council’s planning committee said the previous design was “excessive” and too bulky and could impact on nearby residents in Wellington Mews who would lose their privacy,

Architects reduced the height of the design so it is not taller than the next door building.

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Four years ago, pub regulars said a similar plan would rip out the heart of the community and three hundred people signed a petition opposing the plan.

They named a special area in the beer garden called Perfect Street, in memory of  regular Micky Perfect who tended it, and said some drinkers had been going to the pub for 30 years.

The new design includes a ground floor and basement courtyard.
If the new scheme gets planning permission work could get underway this year and be finished by 2023-24, according to planning documents.

People can register their views with the council until April 24.