Parkland Walk bridge approved despite tree-felling anger

Residents protesting against plans to fell trees on the Parkland Walk

The council's go-ahead come amid continued concerns over tree-felling - Credit: Rachel Kiki

Plans for a new footbridge on the Parkland Walk have been approved despite a “unique level” of opposition.

Nearly 200 objections were lodged against the proposals to construct a footbridge at the Stanhope Road entrance with a ramp and stepped access.

Concerns centred on the loss of trees involved in the works, such as a large oak covered in Russian vine, and – as critics argued – a lack of alternative options being pursued.

Planning officer Laurence Ackrill said the changes will make the Parkland Walk – which runs between Finsbury Park and Muswell Hill – more inclusive and accessible for vulnerable groups.

He said the loss of biodiversity will be mitigated by 10 trees being planted off-site on Stanhope Road and Avenue Road.  

However Cathy Meeus, chair of the Friends of the Parkland Walk, said the plans fail to strike the balance between access and the preservation of green space. 

Opposition leader Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison (Lib Dem, Crouch End) said there had been “little exploration” of alternative schemes.  

He called “the level of objection and consternation” at the removal of trees “unique”.  

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The plans were approved at Haringey Council’s planning sub-committee on December 6 by six votes to two.