Hopes Islington could soon be diesel free

A car being filled up with a pump at a petrol station in London (PA)

A car being filled up with a pump at a petrol station in London (PA) - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A campaign to phase out the use of diesel cars in Islington has seen support and progress from residents. 

A coalition of 28 campaign groups brought together by pressure groups Mums for Lungs and the Clean Cities Campaign signed a joint declaration urging the council to commit to cleaning up London’s toxic air, including phasing out diesel cars. 

The #CleanAirWins campaign, led by Oliver Lord  - the UK Head of Clean Cities Campaign, has brought all groups together, aims to end the use of diesel cars altogether in the borough,  will put the positive and upbeat case for action on clean air. 

Mums for Lungs have asked the four main parties in every borough to completely phase out all diesel car parking permits by 2030, and for car parking to take emissions into account by 2023, with controlled parking zones in every part of the capital. 

Lucy Facer, a mum and co-founder of the Islington Clean Air Parents group, said: “Diesel pollution is very damaging to children’s health. 

“Our local decision makers need to agree policies that ensure Islington has zero new diesel cars by 2023 and help prevent long-term damage to their health.” 

Data provided by the Clean Cities campaign reveals Islington could be on track to be the first London borough to go diesel free with a total of 6,818 diesel cars registered - the lowest of any borough - and just 69 new diesel cars estimated to have been purchased in 2021. 

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Islington introduced a diesel surcharge on resident permits in 2015 and other boroughs have adopted similar measures. Islington could potentially be free of new diesel cars by the middle of 2023. 

Campaigners hope that in the next 12 months, no new diesel cars will be bought in Islington. 
Islington councillor Rowena Champion said: “We’re committed to creating a cleaner, greener, healthier Islington, which is why we’re introducing people-friendly streets, School Streets and other measures across the borough.  
“We know that addressing air quality is key to tackling the climate emergency, and the Clean Cities Campaign’s research shows that Islington is on track to becoming London’s first diesel-free borough.”