Huge online support for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign

Jeremy Corbyn will represnt the "Labour left"

Jeremy Corbyn will represnt the "Labour left" - Credit: Paul Thoma

Thousands of people have signed a petition to help secure enough nominations for Jeremy Corbyn to contest the Labour leadership.

The Islington North MP announced he would run to replace Ed Miliband on Wednesday night to help ensure a broader debate and represent left wing members but needs 35 nominations from Labour MPs to truly enter the fray.

Just 24 hours after announcing his intentions to run “on a clear anti austerity platform as distinct from all other candidates”, Mr Corbyn had already received 10 backers including Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP Diane Abbott.

So far 2,700 people have signed a petition urging Labour MPs to ensure the anti-war campaigner reaches 35 nominations while 10,000 people have liked the page “Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader” on Facebook.

Mr Corbyn said: “Support has been pouring in from Labour Party members across the country who are desperate for a fully democratic election and policy debate.

“The progress of securing nominations is really encouraging. All we are asking for is a truly democratic choice in this election.”

The veteran MP of 32 years must have 35 nominations by June 15 to continue in the race.