Clerkenwell Green LTN to remain after public survey

Clerkenwell Green, in Islington

Clerkenwell Green, in Islington - Credit: Google

The low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) scheme in Clerkenwell Green is to be made permanent after a ‘successful’ trial. 

Islington Council has hailed the data and resident feedback gathered as supportive of the scheme. LTNs, also known as people-friendly streets, stop traffic from passing along residential areas by installing bollards and cameras. The idea is that by clamping down on rat-run routes, streets will become less polluted for households. Critics have claimed the measures instead lead to greater pollution on other roads. 

Councillor Rowena Champion, executive member for environment, said: “We’re delighted to see the positive impact that the Clerkenwell Green people-friendly streets neighbourhood has brought and, having reviewed the monitoring data and listened carefully to the feedback local people have given us, we’re making the neighbourhood permanent.”

The Clerkenwell Green LTN was introduced in September 2020 as an 18-month trial and the public consulted on its merits last November and December. 

Forty-nine per cent of respondents said it was now easier to walk or cycle, another 49pc said the air was cleaner, while 23pc of participants who drive said they now walk or cycle for short trips.

The data showed that, between August 2020 and September 2021, traffic fell within the neighbourhood by 11pc, while cycling increased at the Clerkenwell Green south site by 135pc. 

Since being proposed as a way of making Islington a greener borough, the LTNs have divided opinion. A lively exchange at the Town Hall last week saw views from both sides in strong voice. Jody Graber, who is campaigning against the scheme, told councillors: “You’ve had this level of anger, of disdain, of upset from all of your residents.”

Others argued they had seen an increase in walking and cyclists. 

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Cllr Champion said: “Our people-friendly streets are helping to make Islington a cleaner, greener, and healthier place, and are part of our ambitions to ensure that all can travel safely and easily. 

“To make it easier for disabled people to travel in the neighbourhood, we’re also introducing a Blue Badge exemption and people-friendly pavements. 

“This will help make the neighbourhood more accessible for all, while continuing to deliver quieter and more pleasant streets.”