Safety measure or danger? Two weeks to decide Liverpool Road cycleway fate

Cycleway 38 on Liverpool Road. Picture: Andre Langlois

Cycleway 38 on Liverpool Road. Picture: Andre Langlois - Credit: Archant

There are only two weeks left to have your say on whether a cycleway along Liverpool Road should be kept once a trial ends. 

Islington Council is currently trialling Cycleway 38 to connect the borough with the City and West End to cyclists but the scheme has not been popular with some motorists.  

A consultation closes at 11.59pm on December 15.

A spokesman for Islington Council said: “Local people have told us they want cleaner, greener, and healthier streets for all. We know many people are keen to cycle more but there remain barriers including concerns about road danger and lack of access to protected space for cycling.

“Cycleway 38 forms part of our strategic network of cycle routes.”

The council has said it is looking to implement the cycleway to make it easier to cycle and walk as a first choice of travel - with only 29 per cent having access to a car. Additionally, 36pc of all journeys taken in London are between 600m and 1.5km. 

Town Hall leaders have also said they want to reduce danger and decrease pollution. 

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The spokesman added: “The findings from the consultation and the monitoring [of] data will feed into any changes we make and our final decision on making the trial permanent.”

A snap survey on the Gazette Facebook, asking users ‘Should the cycleway be kept?’, generated a discord, with one calling it ‘a death trap’. 

Jennie Loveday took issue with the ‘floating parking’ arrangement - which sees the cycle lane placed between the kerb and the parking spaces. This means pedestrians getting out of cars will need to look out for bike riders before crossing to the pavement.  

She said: “Floating parking is dangerous. As there's no kerbside, getting children in or out [becomes] dangerous as you have either got cars coming at [you], or cyclists thundering down on the other. How on earth is this safe?” 

Stephen Haynes added: “...With the number of [cars] getting [their] wing mirrors smashed on that road [because] it has [become] too narrow because of the cycle lane, ask yourself, would you want to keep it if you lived on Liverpool Road?” 

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