Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn: Iraq war was a disaster

MP Jeremy Corbyn: 'Who could possibly believe this stuff?'

MP Jeremy Corbyn: 'Who could possibly believe this stuff?' - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

The Iraq war was branded a “seminal disaster” by Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn this week.

Speaking at House of Commons debate over a delay to the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry - launched to learn lessons from the conflict - the member for Islington North said: “We have had inquiry after inquiry after inquiry on Iraq.

“Parliament showed it was a failure and couldn’t do it... we then ended up with the Chilcot Inquiry.

“The cynicism we meet on the doorstep as we approach an election is in part because of the contempt Parliament showed on that particular day.

“The idea MPs were now aware of the misinformation concerning Iraq really doesn’t cut much ice. We had the dodgy dossier.

“It was utter nonsense. Who could possibly believe this stuff? The House did. Some members of the UN Security Council did.”

At the end of Thursday’s debate, a non-binding Commons motion was passed noting regret that the inquiry has deferred publication of its report until after the general election, calling for a timetable for publication, and asking for an explanation of the delays.