Islington’s Boris Johnson ambushes Nick Clegg on LBC radio show

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson - Credit: Archant

London mayor and Islington resident Boris Johnson ambushed Nick Clegg on a radio phone in show this morning – urging him and his cabinet colleagues to “get out of their posh limos” and onto public transport.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Picture: Time Ireland/PA Wire

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Picture: Time Ireland/PA Wire - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Posing as listener “Boris from Islington”, he recorded a message for LBC 97.3 radio’s weekly slot with the deputy prime minister to demand more spending on the capital’s transport system.

But Mr Clegg insisted the coalition Government had cut spending on ministerial cars by around 70 per cent and challenged the Tory mayor to make use of billions of pounds worth of Treasury guarantees for infrastructure projects.

In the pre-recorded message, Mr Johnson said: “Hi Nick, it’s Boris here from Islington.

“I just want to ask you when are you going to get all those government ministers out of their posh limos and onto public transport like everybody else?

“How can we possibly expect Government to vote for increases in infrastructure spending which we need in this city and upgrading the Tube, which we all need, when they sit in their chauffeur-driven limousines – paid for by the taxpayer – rather than getting down on public transport with the rest of us?

“Nick, get them out of their limos! Boris, over and out.”