Corbyn could be challenged by Labour at next election - reports

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Jeremy Corbyn MP - Credit: PA/Neil Jones

Jeremy Corbyn could be challenged for his Islington North seat by former Labour heavyweight Mary Creagh - according to media reports. 

The Times has reported that Mr Corbyn - MP since 1983 - might be left to form his own party to contest the next general election, having been frozen out of the party he once led.

And the Mail on Sunday has said that having lost her seat in 2019, Ms Creagh, a former shadow minister, could be in line to run against him as the Labour candidate. 

Creagh has been a volunteer at her local food bank in North London since the pandemic. She is also chief executive of Living Streets, a national charity formed more than 90 years ago to promote walking and pedestrian safety.

Asked in November 2021 whether she would run for election after she lost her seat in 2019 general elections, she replied: “Never say never”. 

Mr Corbyn is currently barred from standing as the Labour candidate in the next general election because of a antisemitism row with new party leader Sir Keir Starmer. He lost the whip in October 2020. 

If the Labour whip is not restored, Mr Corbyn will be forced to run without the backing of the party machine. 

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Jeremy Corbyn said: "I am fully focused as the local MP for Islington North on the current concerns of my constituents, among them the unresolved issue of cladding.  I look forward to the restoration of the Whip, and supporting Islington Labour Party in May’s local elections."