Jeremy Corbyn relaxed over Boundary Commission ‘plans’ to abolish Islington North seat

Jeremy Corbyn, speaking tonight at Finsbury Park Mosque, has been Islington North MP for 34 years. P

Jeremy Corbyn, speaking tonight at Finsbury Park Mosque, has been Islington North MP for 34 years. Picture: James Morris - Credit: Archant

Jeremy Corbyn is relaxed about his Islington North seat being abolished – as the Labour leader believes he can be in power before Parliament can get rid of it.

The Boundary Commission is expected to recommend abolishing the seat when its latest report is released at midnight. It is thought most of Mr Corbyn’s wards would move to a new seat: Finsbury Park and Stoke Newington.

Mr Corbyn, who has been Islington North MP for 34 years and won a record majority in June’s election, told the Gazette after an anti-hate crime meeting at Finsbury Park Mosque tonight: “It’s very unclear what will happen in the long run with the Boundary Commission. The new boundaries have been proposed and we’re not quite sure when the next election is going to be. If I have anything to do with it, it will be very soon, so the new boundaries will not come into force.

“I’m not a supporter of unnecessary changes in boundaries and I’m not a supporter in reducing the size of the House of Commons because I think we need to have effective democratic representation all across the country. But, whatever the boundaries are, I will be fighting the election and very proud to do so.”

But Mr Corbyn added: “It would be very sad. There’s been an Islington North for a very long time [since 1885] and I’ve been the MP for the current Islington North boundaries ever since they were established in 1983. And I’m very proud, too.”

The Boundary Commission has been tasked with redrawing UK boundaries under the government’s plans to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600. Its original plans to get rid of Islington North were announced in September last year.

It is thought Emily Thornberry’s Islington South and Finsbury seat would be renamed Islington but keep all of its current wards while acquiring one – Mildmay – from Islington North.