Mayor backs Met Police raids as crackdown on crime begins across London

A crackdown on violent crime begins today with a series of police raids across London.

Mayor Boris Johnson is backing the ‘tough tactics’ drive to track down robbers, burglars and violent criminals which has been started this-morning by the Met Police.

“We’re cracking down on the perilous criminality that can devastate people’s lives,” he said. “The raids this-morning will have an immediate effect on people who have been living under a cloud of fear.”

It begins with a series of operations and increased patrols, using all the Met’s specialist resources to support local police tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Flying Squad, Traffic division and Mounted police are supporting units in the 32 London local authority areas with both undercover and visible tactics, including intelligence-led interventions.

Assistant Police Commissioner Ian McPherson said: “This is the largest crackdown against robbery, burglary and violence we’ve ever conducted.

“We are bringing together local knowledge and expertise with specialist units, allowing people to feel more confident and safe.”

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The ‘target’ areas geographically make up just two percent of metropolitan London—but are responsible for around nearly a third of all street robberies and serious violence, as well as 15 per cent of all home burglaries and 20 per cent of all burglaries at commercial premises, according to Scotland Yard.

Specialist investigation teams are being deployed to trace wanted or suspected robbers and burglars, while extra uniformed patrols are being increased to raise the Met’s visible presence.