New international cafe bar set for Finsbury

The first UK branch of an internationally renowned coffee house is heading to Finsbury after the company allayed local resident’s concerns.

Ozone Coffee Roastery, a successful boutique cafe chain from New Zealand, will open their first premises outside of the southern hemisphere at Bezier building, in Leonard Street.

On Monday, Town hall granted permission for them to sell booze to drink on and off the premises from 8am to 11.30pm Monday to Saturday, as well as playing music and showing films during the same hours.

Some residents had been concerned about too many drinking establishments in the area and late noise disturbing their lives.

But the company assured locals that customers would not be allowed to drink in the street, rubbish would be collected daily and the door would be kept shut to stop music escaping.

After the decision, James Gurr, manager of Ozone’s London operations, said: “We are going to bring fresh roasted coffee to the centre of Islington - the whole roasting process from bean to cup, The plans are very exciting.

“There is getting to be a quality stretch of coffee houses from Shoreditch to Clerkenwell, and we are very pleased to be part of that.