Tulip Siddiq calls for Donald Trump to be banned from UK

Seven months pregnant Tulip Siddiq was allegedly told she was "letting down the whole of womankind"

Seven months pregnant Tulip Siddiq was allegedly told she was "letting down the whole of womankind" by leaving a Parliamentary debate before convention allows - Credit: Nigel Sutton

Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq has called for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK after he said he would seek to prevent Muslims from entering the US.

Mr Trump said in a speech on Monday that he would like “a complete and total shutdown” of Muslims coming to America “until we can figure out what is going on”.

Ms Siddiq, who is from a Muslim background, blasted the billionaire Republican presidential hopeful in a radio interview with Alan Kasujja yesterday, calling his views “deeply offensive” and “disgusting”.

She said: “Donald Trump is saying is that effectively he wouldn’t let me into American. I am someone of Muslim origin, so he is saying that I wouldn’t be allowed in, for instance, to see my cousins.”

Asked if she would like to ban Mr Trump from entering the UK, she said: “Yes, he’s going to ban me from coming to his country, I would like to ban him from coming to my country.

“We don’t need someone poisonous like Donald Trump in our country spreading hatred and hate rhetoric and poisoning our communities who work well together.”

Mr Trump outraged many Brits with his remarks that parts of London were a “no-go zone” for police because of the threat from radicalised Muslims.

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Ms Siddiq warned: This is a vulnerable time for our communities, especially for the Muslim community who feel alienated and isolated because of what is going on and what is being done in their name and their religion. We do not need someone like Donald Trump coming and stirring in our communities.”

She said that he should not continue to seek the Republican nomination because he was not a fit candidate to be President of the USA.

“He should understand that he is interviewing for the most powerful job in the whole world, and for him to make comments like that in a position of power is racial hatred at a time when we’re trying to get communities to come together, to work together to fight terrorism.”

Ms Siddiq, who is the niece of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, said she was confident that only a minority of people would agree with Mr Trump’s views, which have caused outrage stateside as well as here.

She said: “I am of the firm belief that the majority of Muslims and the majority Americans do not agree with what he says. There will be a small number of narrow-minded people who agree with him, and he is obviously exploiting that for political purposes.”

A petition calling for Mr Trump to be banned from the UK has now reached over half a million signatures, meaning it must be considered for a Parliamentary debate.

Home Secretary Theresa May has declined to say whether or not she would seek to prevent Mr Trump from entering the country.