Where you can recycle your Christmas tree in Islington

Three green Christmas trees in front of sparkly lights.

The collection is open for two more days - Credit: Ralph Laurila

Islington Council has arranged drop-off recycling points for used Christmas trees to avoid littering on the streets. 

Ten different drop-off points are in parks until January 15. Only real undecorated Christmas trees will be collected.

Artificial Christmas trees can be disposed of at the Reuse and Recycling Centre on 40 Hornsey Street.

Advance booking is essential. Islington Council encourages people to keep artificial trees for future Christmases, as synthetic waste thrown in landfill takes centuries to decompose.

Between 2014 and 2019, Islington Council recycled nearly 250 tonnes of Christmas trees. 

Recycling teams in Islington have been “collecting non-stop for more than two weeks”.

Matthew Homer, who oversees the recycling effort in islington, said: “It is really important to recycle your Christmas tree so that they can be chipped and composted, and all that carbons gets put to good use instead of being burnt.”

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