Local election results: Barnsbury ward

No change in Barnsbury as Labour councillors retain all three seats.

Jilani Chowdhury​ (Labour)​ 1,948 ELECTED

David John Christmas​ (Liberal Democrats)​ 400

Stuart Cullen​ (Conservative) 710

Joseph Eldridge​ (Conservative)​ 604

Mouna Hamitouche​ (Labour​) 1,910

Harry Hicks​ (Green​) 467

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Kristina Lewis​ (Liberal Democrats)​ 309

Rosie Magudia​ (Green​) 447

James Murray​ (Labour​) 2,110 - ELECTED

Matthew Parsons​ (Green)​ 327

Alicia Ramona Simms​ (Conservative)​ 594

Laura Willoughby​ (Liberal Democrats)​ 286

Lesley Woodburn​ (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 100

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