Local election results: Bunhill Ward

Labour retain seats while UKIP candidate Peter Muswell gains more votes than all three Lib Dem candidates.

Results in full:

Craig John Francis Barber​ (Conservative)​ 663

Tom Bowker​ (Green​) 455

Flora Nancy Joyce Plumstead Coleman​ (Conservative) 618​

Leigh Elston​ (Green)​ 429

Orson Francescone​ (Conservative​) 570

Most Read

Troy Gallagher​ (Labour​) 1762 ELECTED

Adrian Charles Reeves Hall​ (Liberal Democrats) 321​

Ben Hickey​ (Green​) 425

Robert Khan​ (Labour)​ 1541 ELECTED

Peter Spencer Muswell​ (UKIP)​ 525

Joseph Russell Trotter​ (Liberal Democrats)​ 352

Claudia Naomi Webbe​ (Labour)​ 1663 ELECTED

Kelly Ann-Marie Wright​ (Liberal Democrats) 308

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