London loses out

The Government has taken an axe to our local environment by scrapping the London Development Agency.

I have no problems with the Government’s plans to merge the London Development Agency into the Greater London Authority. However, it is alarming that rather than transfer the agency’s budget to the Mayor of London, the Government is planning to cut all but a tiny slice of the funding altogether.

Projects to insulate 200,000 homes; to plant trees and revitalise parks; to create new food growing spaces; to support communities who want to reuse and recycle waste; all these and more will probably have to end within the next six months.

Without these projects London will fail to meet its climate change targets, and you will lose out on some really wonderful opportunities for a more pleasant, healthy environment in your local area.

It’s essential the Mayor and local councils fight to keep as much money as possible in place for these projects. – Darren Johnson, Green Party Member, London Assembly, City Hall, Queens Walk, SE1.