Lookalike who is having a Wales of a time...

I’m so excited this week. After the past few weeks of salaciousness, idiocy and dodgy restaurant closures, I bring you Side Lines’ first celebration of heroism in 2011. Big yay!

The hero in question is John Walsh, who saved his elderly neighbour from a fire in his second-floor flat in Holloway. Said elderly neighbour was Ken Thomas, who was spotted struggling to open his front door as his flat became engulfed with flames.

Quick-thinking John, who wasn’t even wearing a superhero costume at the time (well, I’m sure the Gazette would have mentioned if he was), grabbed the ailing Ken and bundled him outside to safety.

John was obviously super brave, ignoring conventional advice on fire safety and risking his own life to save somebody else’s. As he said: “I have always been told to stay in my flat if there’s a fire, but it’s lucky I poked my head out of my door. If I had not done so and had not seen him fumbling with the door, I don’t know what would have happened. He was collapsing.”

How brilliant is that? It’s particularly cheering when you consider that poor old Ken uses both a mobility scooter and a cane. Neither of those options is particularly conducive to escaping a fire, however much fun a mobility scooter looks. Well done, John. Side Lines salutes you and is drinking a celebratory chocolate Nesquik in your honour.

The borough has been touched by other sorts of greatness this week too. We have a Prince William lookalike living among us! Simon Watkinson, who is actually from Australia (gasp), has been making a living as the Royal groom-to-be ever since the wedding was announced. Prior to this, he was working as a civil engineer. I’m sure his parents are delighted.

Simon, who really does look like Prince Chaz’s number one son, has flown all over the world for photoshoots and things and is having a Wales of a time (I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself). Poor his girlfriend though. It’s bad enough that she has to stay at home while Simon jets about. What’s worse is that, when asked if she looked like Kate Middleton, he said: “No, she looks more like Lady Gaga if anything.”

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