‘Love has deeper meaning than genitals’, says Barnsbury producer of new transgender film

Victoria Broom. Picture: Faye Thomas

Victoria Broom. Picture: Faye Thomas - Credit: Archant

A Barnsbury producer is fighting for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality with her latest short film.

Still from Love Without Boundaries. Picture: Victoria Broom

Still from Love Without Boundaries. Picture: Victoria Broom - Credit: Archant

Victoria Broom, 31, has acted for 15 years but is trying her hand at making films.

She won in the 2015 Lesbian Oscars for her short film Life in Colours, a 1940s drama (watch the trailer, above). And now she is back with Love Without Boundaries, the tale of a man who risks his marriage so he can be true to his identity as a transgender lesbian.

Victoria, of Richmond Avenue, wanted to “raise awareness for those who feel trapped in a body that’s not their own but do in fact identify as gay or lesbian”.

Filming for the not-for-profit Love Without Boundaries, in which Victoria stars alongside transgender actor Jake Graf, finished last week. It is expected to be released this summer. She told the Gazette the husband and wife tale was based on a true story.

“I came across the exact same scenario 15 years ago when a girl at my drama school was going through the same thing with her father,” she said.

“The film is about how the husband and wife deal with this together.

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“It’s about their companionship, and love having a deeper meaning than genitals. I am pretty proud and I think this is going to be special.”

Victoria is also out to challenge so-called transphobia in films.

“We have come so far,” she said, “but are nowhere near where we should be. Throughout history, transgender people have been portrayed in big films as the baddie, for example in Psycho or Silence of the Lambs.

“Also, I have been to lots of festivals where there are lesbian and gay films, but not a single transgender lesbian film.

“For Love Without Boundaries, I had many people contact me saying they felt this was their story.”

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