Macdonald’s Islington staff flipping Big Macs at London 2012

Expert burger flippers have won a place at the Olympics. Twenty-two staff from McDonald’s Islington restaurants will serve Big Macs at London 2012 sites.

More than 87,000 staff were nominated and 12,000 took part in tests of speed, customer service and teamwork. The Islington 22 will join the 2,000-strong dedicated Olympic champion crew.

Gulten Dirgen, 21, area manager for Highbury, said: “I am so excited. My family is really pleased for me. If I have the chance to watch any of the running that would an amazing experience.”

The workers will help grill an estimated 1.75 meals in the 29 days of competition.

Amir Atefi, franchisee of eight MacDonalds in Hackney and Islington, said he was delighted his staff had been chosen.

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