Major new road unveiled in King’s Cross

The first of 20 new roads has been unveiled at the King’s Cross redevelopment site.

Staff who have been working on the design, planning and construction of the major road named King’s Boulevard were the first to walk the 300m route which leads straight from King’s Cross Station and St Pancras International to Goods Way.

The road is part of �250 million of investment being made in new infrastructure by the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership which includes an energy centre, roads, public spaces, the bridge across the Regent’s Canal and towpath improvements.

The boulevard and new bridge across the Regent’s Canal, which is only open to pedestrians and cyclists at present, will also enable the 4,000 students and 1,000 members of staff starting the new term at University of Arts London to easily access their new building at the 67-acre site.

Behind the hoardings along King’s Boulevard, King’s Cross is moving forward with the construction of Pancras Square and the offices and shops which will surround it.