Majority against Roamer scheme

Councillor Paul Smith is on record as claiming that the Residents’ Roamer has received overwhelming support.

We at Stop the Roamer would like to see the evidence for this, not least because, at the January meeting of the executive, officers reported overwhelming opposition to the proposed parking changes.

The vast majority of letters in the local press have been entirely hostile to the idea. We have seen copies of over 90 responses to the second consultation. Every single one of these is opposed to the Roamer, and nearly all object to the issuing of unlimited parking vouchers. So where is Councillor Smith’s data?

The truth is that most of Islington’s residents, having experienced the benefits of sustainable transport policies, supported by successive administrations over many years, do not want to see them abandoned for the sake of unprincipled political gain.= – Nick Jack, Caroline Russell, and John Ackers, Stop the Roamer, Axminster Road, N7.