Mark Lim

Mark Lim, Conservative candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

Mark Lim, Conservative candidate for Islington South and Finsbury - Credit: Archant

Conservative candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

Age: 34

Address: Highbury

Interests outside politics: Badminton, chess and classical music.

Current job: Doctor specialising in public health.

Any directorships/ other financial interests: None.

What jobs/interests will you continue with if elected: If elected, I’ll resign from my current role. I’ll discuss with the Faculty of Public Health what activities might be required to maintain my professional registration.

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What is your local connection to the area: My family moved to Islington the year before I was born; I grew up and live in Islington.

If I am elected, the first thing I will do is: Start working on the cases that many residents have raised with the Labour council across many departments.


How would you/did you vote on the following issues:

Assisted suicide? Against

Gay marriage? In favour

UK military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government? Against under current circumstances

Smoking in cars? Against ban on smoking in cars

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