Market faces the music

If you are familiar with BBC1’s popular depressionfest EastEnders you’ll know how important it is to have the right music around you. Scenes in each of Albert Square’s key hangouts – like the pub, the market and the mental health clinic - are often supported with booming popular music that’s supposed to give you extra clues as to what it’s like in there.

So – the pub gets the latest chart hits, the nightclub gets thumping migraine music and the market gets loud, fuzzy reggae. Well, these people have got nothing on our very own Whitecross Street. The street, which plays home to one of Islington’s best markets (lovely food stalls, tacky dresses – what’s not to like?) has just been granted a licence for music. Not any old music though – live music! Accompanied by permission for live dancing as well!

I for one am most excited about this, although I do wonder how easy it is to dance through a market. Yes, they managed it in the film version of Oliver! but Whitecross Street isn’t as big as that film set and there aren’t any choreographers lurking about to help the two-left-footed of Islington. I for one love to tap dance but wouldn’t try it in the middle of Whitecross Street for fear of step-ball-changing smack into the burrito stall. Most embarrassing.

The street can have live music and dancing from midday to 6pm on the weekends allowing for street festivals and parties throughout the year. Residents are up in arms about this, obviously, because residents are only ever up in arms. What about their legs?

Oh residents, put your arms down and chirp up for a change. Anything that makes our area more vibrant and fun should be celebrated, not reviled. Would you rather we all sat about on the pavements with paper bags over our heads, waiting for our miserable lives to end? We might as well have some fun whilst we’re here, worryworts!

Anyway, if you’re not impressed by the live music and dancing, then you’ll love this. As part of the licence, the council will put up two portable toilets for every 100 people expected at each event. We all know how difficult it is to find a public loo in London. This is super news! Perhaps we should put on a live music and dance event to celebrate…