Mates think wife playing for other side

I’ve been wondering for a while if my wife maybe isn’t heterosexual. Her interest in sex is limited, unless I do massive amounts of work in the pre-stage, and I’ve had to learn so many new techniques about how to turn a woman on, that I think I could write a book!

I’d only done the get on the job and get it sorted, quick, before I met her, and she didn’t seem to mind that.

Now she’s shown me books about something called tantric sex, and how you have to hold on, and sadly, I have to say that it works in a way, although it’s hard work to hold back. Now, when it happens, it’s like big time, and I know I’m pleasing her, and that gives me a huge buzz.

My mates say it shouldn’t be like this. It should be a quick jobbie, and they’re the ones who are making me think that perhaps she bats for the other side if you know what I mean. She plays football, on Sundays, which my mates say is a giveaway. But she also dances like you wouldn’t believe, used to be a gymnast, and although she makes me do lots of work, she’s also done things to me that are mind-blowing and which I haven’t told my mates about, because they’re very personal.

Not only that, but she’s very loving and kind. We’ve been married a year, went out for 20 months before that and were/are madly in love, and are both 24.

It wasn’t exactly an arranged marriage, just an “introduced” one, as both our families are quite liberal. So can you set my mind at rest? If a woman wants you to do lots of work, for her, does that mean she may be gay?

Barbara says: No, it means she’s a real woman, who isn’t playing games, pretending that she’s happy if she’s not. I’m glad you’ve more or less realised that. I’m glad you’re listening to and responding to your wife. But please don’t listen you your mates – give them some tips on how to turn their sex life into sheer magic. Become their sex guru. Make them listen to you.