Election 2021: All the candidates for mayor of London

A ballot box

A ballot box - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A record-breaking 20 candidates are in the running to be London’s next mayor.

Everyone registered to vote on May 6 will have a chance to have their say on who will next lead the capital. 

This newspaper contacted all the contenders to ask them one simple question. 

What will you do to improve the lives of people living in north west London?

Sixteen hopefuls got back to us - read their answers here, in alphabetical order by surname. 

Shaun Bailey photographed for the Brent & Kilburn Times outside City Hall. Picture: Polly Hancock

Shaun Bailey photographed for the Brent & Kilburn Times outside City Hall. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

Shaun Bailey, Conservative Party

“Like so many parts of our city, north west London has suffered because the current mayor cares more about politics than people. That’s why I’m campaigning to give London a fresh start. 

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"As mayor, I’ll make our streets safer with 8,000 more police. I’ll reverse the congestion charge hike on day one.

"I’ll scrap plans to extend ULEZ to the North and South Circular, so residents aren’t hit with new charges.

"And I’ll suspend every unwanted LTN, only introducing one if residents support it.

"With safer streets and lower bills, together we’ll give London a fresh start.”

Kam Balayev

Kam Balayev, Renew Party candidate in the mayoral elections 2021 - Credit: Renew Party

Kam Balayev, Renew Party

"Why me? Well because all of London including Brent needs a different way.

"A new way of addressing the lack of affordable housing in the borough through a programme of discounts for first-time buyers. I will confront the cladding crisis, which has left hundreds of residents living in unsafe accommodation with enormous bills to fix it.

"I will tackle organised crime at its source, with a zero-tolerance policy on the knife crime and gang violence that plagues our streets.

"Comprehensive support for small businesses, who are struggling under rocketing business rates.

"And new vision for the city, called E-London, which will deliver a better future for you and your family."

Sian Berry AM asks why the half a billion pounds waiting to be spent on housing is not being used now.

Sian Berry AM asks why the half a billion pounds waiting to be spent on housing is not being used now. - Credit: Archant

Sian Berry, Green Party

"After the year we’ve had, Londoners are crying out for a new start, but we can only get there with a Green Mayor.

"I’ve spent the last five years working on the Assembly, securing funding for youth services, and finding accommodation for people experiencing homelessness.

"In this election, Greens are the only ones offering new ideas like flattening the fare zones, a basic income to start new careers and businesses, a higher living wage, and lower rents.

"Londoners have the chance to vote for something hugely positive on May 6.

"If you want Green, vote Green as your first preference."

Count Binface, Count Binface for Mayor of London

Count Binface, Count Binface for Mayor of London - Credit: Count Binface

Count Binface, Independent

"My policies are designed to improve the lives of all Londoners, from a £1 price cap on croissants, to banning speakerphones on public transport, to the restoration of Ceefax to all households within the M25. I mean these are all no-brainers.

"However, I especially want to help the lives of voters in north west London area, because that’s who I’ve been led to believe will be reading this message.

"Thus I promise to upgrade the pavement outside Camden Town tube station with retractable spikes, to stop people loitering there.

"It needs sorting. Choose Binface, and make your vote Count!"

Valerie Brown, Burning Pink Party

No statement received.

Piers Corbyn, Independent

We were unable to reach Mr Corbyn.

Max Fosh, Independent 

No statement received.

Laurence Fox, The Reclaim Party candidate for the mayoral elections

Laurence Fox, The Reclaim Party candidate for the mayoral elections - Credit: The Reclaim Party

Laurence Fox, The Reclaim Party

"I will unlock London to help Londoners get back to work and enjoying a normal life again.

"I will deliver free travel on tubes and buses for 6 months to help you get back on the move and provide our city with a huge boost.

"I will take the politics out of the police and introduce tough New York style policing to target crime and stop the gangsters from moving into our communities.

"I will disband the Mayor’s Statue Commission, instead creating new statues to celebrate the lives of great Londoners.

"This is your London, it’s your freedom, reclaim it."

Peter Gammons, UKIP

Peter Gammons, UKIP - Credit: Sandra Vijandi

Peter Gammons, UKIP

"You need a mayor who will consults you and represents you – not force changes on you.

"I will add police sub-stations in every community and restore police on the beat.

"I will fight for cladding victims, cab drivers, renters, to freeze council taxes and stop discrimination against those who cannot afford new electric cars.  

"I will stop the expansion of congestion charges, bicycle lanes and LTNs.

"I will protect London’s green spaces and introduce neighbourhood schemes to transform and beautify every community.  

"So, vote for someone who will fight for you."

Richard Hewison, Rejoin EU

Richard Hewison, Rejoin EU - Credit: Ben Barnett

Richard Hewison, Rejoin EU Party

"Brexit has been a disaster for all the people of London.

"If we are elected, we will set up a “Brexit Bureaucracy Busters” office where experts with experience of living & working in north-west London will be available to assist businesses struggling to trade with the EU, students eager to study in the EU, artists hoping to perform in the EU, as well as making sure our holidays go ahead as planned.

"We can’t restore all lost opportunities stolen by Brexit, but we can at least solve some of the problems now faced.

"Put Rejoin EU no.1 on your ballot." 

Vanessa Hudson, Animal Welfare Party

Vanessa Hudson, Animal Welfare Party - Credit: Graham Hilling

Vanessa Hudson - Animal Welfare Party

"It’s vital to me, and also to our Assembly candidate Julian Weisman who lives in Willesden, that good health and opportunity belong to all Londoners - not only people but animals too.

"It’s also crucial we protect the natural world so the planet we hand over to our children and grandchildren is habitable.

"As we emerge from the pandemic, I feel we face a choice: continue along the path that brought us here or forge a new way.

"London can lead the world in a new direction - acting as a beacon of innovation and of healthy, sustainable compassionate living.

"Find out more at: vanessahudson.london" 

Steve Kelleher, Social Democrat Party mayoral candidate

Steve Kelleher, Social Democrat Party mayoral candidate - Credit: Ollie Huison

Steve Kelleher, Social Democrat Party

"I’m a Bermondsey boy from a council estate, Irish Catholic, working class family.

"After a career in the city I founded a specialist recruitment business.

"The SDP vision is for grandparents, parents and adult children  to once again live within walking distance.

"50,000 council houses per year by 2024 and strong priority for people born in the borough where they apply building good neighbourhood and help reduce crime.

"We support robust policing with 10,000 officers back on neighbourhood beat and finally free travel for 22-25 year olds to help redress the generational divide and support their getting life back to normal."

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Photo: Vickie Flores

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Photo: Vickie Flores - Credit: Vickie Flores

Sadiq Khan, Labour Party

“This election is a two-horse race between me and the Tories.

"I’ll build an even brighter future for London after the pandemic.

"My priority will be jobs, jobs, jobs. I’ll build more council homes and campaign for rent controls.

"I’ll continue to be tough on crime and its causes. And I’ll tackle toxic air pollution and climate change.

"So vote for London on May 6 by voting for me and for Labour.”

David Kurten, Heritage Party

David Kurten, Heritage Party - Credit: David Kurten

David Kurten, Heritage Party 

"I will scrap the planned ULEZ extension to the North and South Circular Roads, so businesses and vehicle owners do not face a ruinous charge of £12.50 a day.

"I will remove pop-up bicycle lanes and LTN road blockages so traffic can move more freely on our roads.

"I’ll make our neighbourhoods safer by boosting police numbers by 3,000 over three years, and I’ll refocus the police from being reactive to being proactive with far more foot patrols and community policing, particularly in high crime areas to drive down violent crime, burglary and vandalism."

Farah London,  Independent candidate in the mayoral race 2021

Farah London, Independent candidate in the mayoral race 2021 - Credit: Daria Bah

Farah London, Independent

"North west London has a diverse community and has been neglected. I will be opening free youth academies to empower our youth in performing arts, creative and sports.

"In addition I will be opening women centres in every borough, that will provide training, mental wellbeing, courses, safe space and business grants for women to become entrepreneurs.

"I will be recruiting 8,500 more police, to make out streets safer, reduce crime and dedicated 1,000 officers to address hate crime, which has risen in recent years.

"We need to see more foot flow in our high streets, and an immediate action I will take is to give Londoners 100 days free travel on public transport to get people back into town and extend the freezing of business rates for a longer period, and with vacant shops, provide small businesses the opportunity to run pop up shops rent free for short periods."

Nim Obunge is standing as an Independent candidate in the mayoral elections

Nim Obunge is standing as an Independent candidate in the mayoral elections - Credit: Nim Obunge

Nim Obunge, Independent

“I spent some of my childhood living in Cricklewood. I attended school and church in Finchley, so I have seen significant improvements over the years. 

"Yet there is still more that has to be done.

"As Mayor I will: implement a COVID relief fund addressing business sustainability, that includes scrapping business rates for 2021, and addressing unemployment and poverty; ensure a safer London by addressing the root causes of crime by keeping our streets and homes safe and implementing a robust community/policing plan; support local councils to execute the affordable housing schemes and review the 10 per cent council tax hike.”

Niko Omilana, Independent

No statement received.

Cllr Luisa Porritt. Picture: Emilie Gomez

Cllr Luisa Porritt. Picture: Emilie Gomez - Credit: Archant

Luisa Porritt, Liberal Democrat Party

"The Liberal Democrats have a plan to Take London Forward.

"It has a clear focus on three basic needs: jobs, homes and clean air.

"We will reinvent the high street to put it back at the heart of the community and create decent local jobs.

"We will convert empty offices into quality, affordable homes to help tackle the housing crisis.

"And we will scrap the polluting Silvertown Tunnel road project and invest in greener public transport instead to clean up our air.

"With the big ideas in our Liberal Democrat plan, I’m ready to 'Take London Forward'."

Mandu Reid, Women’s Equality Party

Mandu Reid, Women’s Equality Party - Credit: Siorna Ashby

Mandu Reid, Women's Equality Party

"As we recover from the pandemic we must ensure that we don’t just build back better, but that we build back equal.

"For residents of the north west and all Londoners, the Women's Equality Party will push for: a care-led recovery including affordable and accessible childcare - because you can’t save jobs without saving childcare.

"Housing that is within reach of Londoners on low incomes - including more social housing; protected transport subsidies - because cutting them is a false economy.

"Ending violence against women to be a political priority - so that everyone in our city can take safety and freedom for granted."

Brian Rose, London Mayor candidate

Brian Rose is running for London Mayor in the 2021 election - Credit: Brian Rose

Brian Rose, London Real Party

His three "costed" priorities are housing, crime and the economy.

" I will use TfL land to build £100,000 modular homes near North London transport hubs, introducing an infrastructure levy so profits from developments return to communities.

"My plans for 10,000 extra officers will see more police, better-trained, in North London, drawn from local communities.

"A six-month business support scheme – with rates relief, less red tape and a month-long world fair – will support small and medium businesses in particular.

"They are the backbone of North London’s economy; we must help them to help us."