Medics unite with eco campaigners to support Islington's LTNs

Medics, environmentalists, travel campaigners and academics expressed support for Islington Council's LTN scheme

Medics joined environmentalists, travel campaigners and academics to express their strong support for Islington Council's people friendly streets scheme, as they delivered a statement on the town hall steps - Credit: David Harrison

Medics, environmentalists, travel campaigners and academics delivered a statement to Islington Town Hall to express their strong support for the people friendly streets traffic calming measures. 

Staff from Barts and Whittington hospitals joined forces with Greenpeace and eco campaigners in saying they found the seven low traffic neighbourhoods (LTN) introduced on 18-month trials by Islington Council have "effectively transformed our streets in ways that significantly increase walking and cycling, reduce noise, air pollution and carbon emissions, improve our health and improve the quality of life".

GP Rachel Bower, who lives in Highbury and sits of the committee of Islington Living Streets said: "Walking and cycling are vital for our health.

"As a GP my focus is on the prevention of disease and active travel is a key way of doing this."

Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace added: "Climate change is the greatest challenge the world faces.

"If we are to meet this challenge and address the climate emergency, transport will need to cut its emissions and that can’t just be about electric vehicles.

"We must ensure a shift in transport mode from cars to cycling and walking."

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