Men’s pants are the pits

Why do men wear stupid underwear? I know some women do, too, but let me give you a list of what makes most girls gag, at the crucial moment.

I’ve done a survey in our office, and most women here like men who wear cotton boxers without garish designs, or men who wear jersey trunks, as long as they’re clean and fresh, and preferably black (white goes grey and shows skid marks). They don’t have to be designer, as long as they’re not silky smelly viscose.

The girls in my office have had and rejected, men in Union Jack underpants, boxer or undergarments with sex-mad slogans on them, dirty Y Fronts, and one man in a thong with a rather hairy bottom. Why do they do this?

Barbara says: Because men choose their own underwear, and don’t wash it properly. Men, if you’re listening, get more advice on undies from your bezzie female mate or your sister. And learn how to change into freshly-washed undies every day.