Middlesex cricketer’s column: Keeping busy

The Yorkshire game was a big disappointment, so Monday’s golf day with the sponsors was a good opportunity for us to get away from cricket.

As a team, we needed to go away and have a bit of fun, as much as thinking about what happened. We probably went into that game a bit flat after such a hard match against Sussex and not much rest.

The Sussex game was four of the most intensive days of cricket I’ve ever played, and spending so long in the field certainly had an effect.

With that said, I thought we bowled quite well on the first day against Yorkshire without much luck. There was a lot of playing and missing and edges going between third slip and gully.

It only needs a couple of those to go to hand to make the difference. But credit to the Yorkshire batsmen – it certainly wasn’t a 390 wicket.

But we didn’t bat well – too many of us got starts without anyone going on to make a big score.

Despite that, if you look at our position, a lot of sides would have snapped your hand off if you’d offered them that at the halfway stage – including our neighbours Surrey.

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They’ve been in the news this week after sacking the manager and coach. It was sad for Chris Adams and Ian Salisbury, but I’m sure neither of them will be short of offers.

I don’t think it means cricket’s becoming anything like as cut-throat as football – it’s more that Surrey probably spend 50 per cent more on salaries than any other county.

They’ve got a lot of players on big contracts and when you’re spending that sort of money, people want quick results. It’s good to feel that Gus has taken a more long-term approach at Middlesex.

I was around when Ed Smith left and when Toby Radford left and there was no stability. But we’ve had that over the last few years, on the field as well as off it, and everyone can see what a difference it’s made.