Minicab driver who suffered heart attack in King’s Cross embraces hero who saved his life

This is the moment Harvey Martin shock hands with Gallal Sleiman, who pulled his slumped body throug

This is the moment Harvey Martin shock hands with Gallal Sleiman, who pulled his slumped body through a car window and performed CPR to 'save his life' in Euston Road. Picture: Jonathan Martin - Credit: Archant

A 76-year-old minicab driver who had a heart attack at the wheel in King’s Cross embraced the man who saved his life yesterday.

Harvey Martin was driving a passenger to the Ritz hotel when he had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest at the Euston Road traffic lights outside the British Library on September 27.

Gallal Sleiman, 30, was in the car behind and came to his rescue.

Harvey’s door was locked so Gallal hoisted him through the window before performing CPR on him while paramedics cut open his shirt and shocked his chest.

Speaking from his living room in Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire, on Sunday, Harvey told this paper: “It’s strange and wonderful meeting this man who saved my life.

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“After my operation, when I was coherent, I was talking to my surgeon and said ‘my chest hurts’.

“And he said: ‘It should do. The man who gave you CPR smashed three ribs and that’s the best thing you could do.’ I couldn’t believe it.

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“He dragged me through the window of my car and now I see him I can see how he did it because he’s bigger than me.”

Harvey says the last thing he remembers before the incident was picking up a passenger from King’s Cross St Pancras.

The passenger is said to have taken the wheel when Harvey slumped against the dashboard, before steering the car to a standstill and flagging down an ambulance.

But they didn’t stick around or leave any contact details.

Harvey, who’s worked for Addison Lee for the past nine years, had his last check-up on December 13 and has now been referred to Barnet Hospital for eight weeks of rehab.

Not only did Gallal meet Harvey on Sunday, but also all his close family – including the minicab driver’s 99-year-old mother Sadie.

“It’s just nice to see him up and well,” said Gallal, “because obviously the last time I saw him he was on the floor. Now I can rest easy.

“It’s just overwhelming to be honest and I feel joy and happiness. We had a nice big hug but I didn’t break any ribs when I hugged him this time. It’s a great Christmas present.”

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