Miserable cuts leave taxpayers out in the cold

Your report on a leaked hit list of proposed cuts to Islington council services (Gazette, December 9) reveals items such as the axing of flower baskets; no more Christmas lights anywhere in the borough; ending facilities for the less advantaged and disabled; cutting of grants and rebates to OAPs etc.

All these as they stand add up to not even �1million out of savings of over �100million that the council is going to have to make over the next few years.

All designed, no doubt, to make life as miserable as possible for the people of Islington, and with a fall-out for the Labour controlled council far in excess of the comparatively small savings achieved.

This seems to be more than anything political grandstanding with a vengeance.

The underlying message appears to be one that would come from Labour party headquarters: “Don’t blame us, this is what you get with a Tory/Lib Dem coalition government wanting to cut too much, too quickly”.

What about cutting back on the vast army of town hall staff, some in jobs that have been created in recent years, of dubious use to the borough, and costing the council – and therefore taxpayers – huge amounts of money?

An example that springs to mind is the so-called Islington Climate Change Partnership. Are they going to take the knife to areas like that, instead of making the poor and needy suffer for the sake of preserving cushy jobs of little use to the community at large?

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Maybe Islington council should let us have a few leaks about making the machinery of local government work more efficiently and be less of a burden to the public purse and council taxpayers. – Danny Michelson, La Fromagerie, Highbury Park, N5, and chairman of Highbury Barn Traders’ Association.