Money wasted on TV cabling saga

I can find no possible justification to proposals to place TV cabling on the front elevation of the conservation buildings located in Pleasant Place.

Furthermore, the proposals to use a “cherry picker” when the whole of the properties effected, back and front, are/will be covered in Islington Council-financed scaffolding is somewhat farcical and commercially irresponsible in view of Islington’s current financial position – �52million of cuts this year alone, rising to �100million over the next three years.

I have contacted the planning department and will be raising very strong objections to the project as a whole; the obvious lack of meaningful consultation with residents; and, the reprehensibly wasteful cost associated with the proposed means of erection.

Hopefully, with the borough’s value for money requirements in mind, we can arrive at a much better, and cost-effective solution to this outrageous fiasco. – Dr B.S. Potter, chairman, Islington Leaseholders’ Association, Federation of Islington Tenants’ Associations.