More modifications at troubled Drayton Park road layout following latest accident

The controversial Drayton Park layout gets another re-design

The controversial Drayton Park layout gets another re-design - Credit: Archant

Another £3,600 had been ploughed into a controversial, accident-prone road layout which has been branded the worst in the borough.

Numerous cars have flipped over or crashed in the year since the council introduced width restrictions in Drayton Park, Highbury – a measure which has now been modified several times and has cost the taxpayer more than £110,000.

Only two weeks ago a car was left on its roof after trying to negotiate the layout – the latest in a long line of accidents which prompted the latest amendments at the junction last Thursday. It has already been ripped up and redesigned since being introduced last year following complaints.

Meanwhile, the width restriction – imposed to stop lorries using the road as a rat run between Holloway and Finsbury Park – has raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds in fines for the council from drivers confused by the layout and taking the wrong route. In the last two months of 2012 alone, a total of £750,000 worth of penalty charge notices were issued.

Businessman Glenn Tweedie says it is a waste of time and money and thinks the council should rip the restrictions up and start again.

Glenn Tweedie, who runs Premier Plumbing in Drayton Park, said: “All they’ve done is replace the bollards – what difference is that going to make?

“Pretty much every other day someone scraps the kerb or pops a tyre.

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“It’s on a corner, so no matter what they do people will approach from a funny angle. They should just rip it up and start again, this is just a complete waste of time and money.”

A spokesman for the council said: “The work being carried out is to replace the bollards. The new style of bollard will be higher and more rounded, which should push vehicles back away from the kerb rather than up and reduce the chance of another vehicle overturning.

In early May, speed humps and signs will also be installed in the approach to the width restriction, as we think the reason for a car flipping is because the width restriction is approached at too much speed. So by making sure vehicles slow down on the approach, this shouldn’t happen anymore.”