Vicar condemns ‘disgusting’ extremist Christian comic book stuck to Archway mum’s front door at Halloween

The extreme Christian leaflet was left outside a family home in Archway on Halloween. Picture: Sarah

The extreme Christian leaflet was left outside a family home in Archway on Halloween. Picture: Sarah-Jane Rumford - Credit: Archant

An Archway mum was “horrified” to find an extremist Christian leaflet stuck to her door at Halloween – and a local vicar has condemned its contents as “disgusting” and misrepresentative of the faith.

The 24-page comic has a beckoning finger on its cover, with “trust me” emblazoned across its front.

Drawing on every stereotype in the book, it shows a man’s journey from taking a pill to drug dealing; getting raped in prison and contracting AIDS; and finding Christ and dying. It’s not known who left the literature.

Rev Steve Clarke, 41, who’s worked at St Andrew’s Church in Whitehall Park for four years, has condemned its contents.

He told the Gazette: “This booklet is disgusting and perplexing in equal measure, it completely misrepresents the message of the church, which one of welcome, love and hospitality.”

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Sarah-Jane Rumford, 41, was returning from the school run when she found the “vile” pamphlet taped to the door of her home of 15 years in Cheverton Road.

“At first I thought it was a Halloween prank,” said Sarah. “But then when I read it I was absolutely horrified with its vile, hate-filled content.

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“It’s really shocking extreme content and it goes against anything I would teach my children.

“You can’t incite hate to spread religious love.”

Sarah, a PR director for 89up, said she was not religious but respects everyone’s beliefs.

Sarah said either of her kids, six and eight, could have picked up the comic and been exposed to the extremist content.

“It’s unheard of for me to get angered by religion,” she said. “But this has done it.

“The content stereotypes drug addicts, it’s homophobic, it uses scare tactics to encourage religious belief and it incites hate and division within our society.

“It’s actually just really shocking in this day and age and feels like a sign of the times. Horrid.”

The booklet is manufactured by Chick Publications, which is headquartered in Califonia and specialises in evangelical cartoons.

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