MS sufferer to leave Islington due to anger at social services care

Roy Lancaster is angry at Islignton council over care

Roy Lancaster is angry at Islignton council over care - Credit: Archant

A housebound former electrician with severe multiple sclerosis (MS) is planning to leave Islington after almost a year of being “ignored” by social services.

Roy Lancaster, 59, of Highbury New Park, was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago but things took a turn for the worse in March last year when he fell ill with a virus.

Since then he has been confined to a chair in his living room for 20 hours a day and says he does not have close to enough time with carers – a service he says he was not aware he had to pay for.

He is now so fed up with the level of care that he wants to move near to his brothers in Hertforshire, despite being born in Highbury and living there all his life.

“I have two choices,” said Mr Lancaster, “keep myself warm and eat or pay for the carers.

“I can’t afford it, I’ve told them that thousands of times but they’ve ignored me.

“They want to take a third of my benefits, £400 a month.

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“I’ve been waiting nearly a year for an electric wheelchair so I can leave the house, I’m having to get one off a friend. If I wait for anything from the council I’ll be waiting until I’m dead.”

Mr Lancaster claims he spent most of the spring without a door after police broke it down when he had a fall, saying it took three months to replace.

He claims he has been stood up by his carers on several occasions and relies on a neighbour in their absence.

A spokesman for Islington Council said: “We take the care and support of vulnerable residents very seriously, and work to support people to remain living independently at home wherever possible.”

He said the council could not comment on individual circumstances for confidentiality reasons.

“We are unable to comment on the circumstances of any individual service user for reasons of confidentiality.”