Music Review: Rock Choir

Singing has never felt so good as the Rock Choir hit a high note.

Do you ever sing in the shower? It’s one of those simple things in life that make you feel free, uninhibited, joyful and exhilarated.

Music as therapy is not a new concept but Rock Choir takes it to a new level. The original Rock Choir was formed in 2005 in Surrey, when a group of short, tall, fat, thin, male, female, young, old and all untrained singers, got together to enjoy the sheer pleasure of belting out some of their favourite songs on a weekly basis.

The “brand”, created by visionary former club singer Caroline Redman Lusher, has now spawned similar groups all over the country - culminating in a recent concert before a 10,000 audience at Wembley. It’s a kind of pop music evangelism.

Rock Choir members from north and west London showcased their newfound euphoria at the Shaw Theatre with upbeat routines - the perfect tonic for anyone suffering from a dose of down-in-the-dumps-itis.

With arms swinging, fingers clicking and hands clapping, they swooped and soared through numbers such as Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, You Can’t Hurry Love, Something Inside So Strong and Dancing In The Streets. From Abba to Elton John, it was infectious and awe-inspiring. They looked like a bunch of mainly housewives, secretaries and OAPS who wouldn’t normally be caught singing outside the bathroom but sounded like a choir of angels.

The bundle of energy that was their conductor, constantly cajoling and encouraging their performances in her fetching black dress, was a joy to behold and the standout performance of the evening was a stunning version of Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying, including a memorable solo by one of the few male members of the choir.

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Feel good factor? Most of the audience had never felt better as they wended their way off up Euston Road, warbling away without a care in the world.

* The Hampstead & Ealing Rock Choirs performed at the Shaw Theatre in Euston Road, NW1, from July 14-15.