Musician Louise Golbey releases 'beautiful' new album

Musician Louise Golbey has released her new 12-track album 'Renaissance'.

Musician Louise Golbey has released her new 12-track album 'Renaissance'. - Credit: LOUISE GOLBEY

Musician Louise Golbey's new 12-track album is made up of a gorgeous blend of harmony-filled acoustic soul and fresh R’n’B.

It was collaboratively written and recorded by Louise and her team of talented producers and musicians including Gareth Ashton (Metropolis Studios), James Chappell & Eames (The Coconut Lodge Studios).

The album kicks off with its title track ‘Renaissance’ (produced by Linden Grant). Released last year as a single, this is a reggae-inspired ‘single girl’ anthem sampling ‘Warrior Charge’ by the legendary Aswad.

The album proceeds to tell the stories of love, life, joy and heartbreak through a melange of groove-filled mid-tempo tracks, powerful soulful ballads and uptempo bops.

There are also international collaborations, special guests and welcome surprises along the way - all showcasing Louise’s vast vocal range and dulcet tones.

Guinness World Record winning Canadian rapper D.O Gibson guests on the mid-tempo bouncy track ‘I Give In Easy’ (produced by Ross O’ Reilly).

3rd Person, the British rapper and Louise’s long-time friend features on the neo-soul break-up track ‘Roll The Credits’.

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He was also on one of Golbey’s first breakout singles and BBC Radio 1Xtra favourite ‘Same Old Same Old’.

‘Time You Realise’ is an uptempo electro afrobeat-esque track, which is a collaboration with Parisian producer DJ Wallace and has been a recent hit at Louise’s live shows with her full band.

The first ballad ‘Pure Love’ is a modern-day love song written with James Chappell (who also co-wrote several other tracks with Louise on the album).

Its bluesy melody in a waltz-time signature is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s 'Earned It'.

The emotional ‘Stay Or Go’ is one standout track Louise penned on the piano in the midst of a break-up.

Eames’ epic production ending with gospel choir backing vocals in the final choruses really feels like a timeless classic.

Not all the songs are about tales of love though. ‘The Badebaba Song’ and ‘Don’t Feel Good’ (with The Script’s Ben Sargeant on bass) reflect on the effects of the pandemic and feeling powerless in unknown territory.

The acoustic 'Lost Nor Found’ shows Golbey’s vulnerable side and another strong ballad on the album.

Renaissance’s finale is a unique cover of Angie Stone’s ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’.

Golbey’s vocals are strongly prominent on this powerful track, enhanced by the live piano skills of Linden Grant throughout the track.

Renaissance showcases Louise’s strongest and most personal recordings to date. Beautifully crafted and perfectly executed.