My bedroom shame with best friend

On New Year’s Eve, my bezzie mate and I got out of our heads. We’re both 18-year-old girls, and were on a pub and club crawl looking for guys.

We ran out of time at midnight, and ended up snogging each other. I don’t fancy her, she doesn’t fancy me, we’re not lesbian, but ended up in bed, helping each other out. The whole thing is hazy.

She left, and hasn’t been in touch. I’m ashamed and embarrassed. She was always the girl I could like dump my problems on. And now she’s gone. We’re not gay. Honest.

What do I do to make this right? She won’t answer my calls.

Barbara says: Copy and paste your question to me, and my answer, send it to her, and give her time for it to sink in. You were drunk. You made a silly mistake. It’s not a life-time sentence, it’s just a blip. It shouldn’t matter