When someone says Oktoberfest, your mind automatically thinks of a number of things - Germany, pretzels, Lederhosen and beer.

BrewDog is arguably one of Europe's biggest craft brewers and has given us such classics as Punk IPA, Hazy Jane, Elvis Juice and Dead Pony Club.

The craft beer giant has recently attempted to create a lager to match the Oktoberfest occasion. 

The Oktoberfest Festival Lager by BrewDog was released recently - including being launched exclusively in Aldi supermarkets across the UK - just in time to celebrate arguably the biggest beer celebration in the world.

The main aim of the beer is to transport drinkers to Munich without even leaving the living room.

But have they been able to achieve this? I did a taste test to find out.

The perfect beer to match the Oktoberfest occasion

While I am more of a craft beer drinker myself and don't usually partake in the drinking of lager (give me a Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana over a Madri any day) I thought for the sake of the occasion I would broaden my horizons and give the Brewdog Oktoberfest Festival Lager a go.

I have dabbled in Brewdog beers before with their classics like Hazy Jane and Punk IPA, my kind of drink, rather than their Lost Lager which is "lost" on me.

But despite my love for all things craft beer and the fruity flavours they possess, I actually quite enjoyed BrewDog's new Oktoberfest Festival lager.

Islington Gazette: See what BrewDog's Oktoberfest Festival Larger tasted like.See what BrewDog's Oktoberfest Festival Larger tasted like. (Image: Patrick Glover)

It was nice and light - closer to a pilsner than a lager which gives it a nice sessionable aspect - perfect if you are having a few steins worth to celebrate Oktoberfest this month.

I have to admit, lagers all taste very similar to me and while there was a slight aspect of that in the Oktoberfest beer, the citrus undertones combined with the bitter pilsner-like flavours made it enjoyable.

It's definitely not the "wurst" beer I've ever had. I would say an appropriate beer for the Oktoberfest occasion.

To me, the taste of BrewDog's new beer encapsulates Oktoberfest and I wouldn't say no to a few steins worth with my mates to celebrate the occasion this month.

BrewDog's Oktoberfest Festival Lager is available now via its website or in Aldi stores across the UK (£13.99, 12 x 330ml can).