Millions of drivers are failing to consider the "ramifications" of driving with unsafe tyres, a new poll has revealed.

Almost a fifth of motorists have reportedly driven with potentially unsafe tyres after choosing to ignore MOT advisories.

27% of 2000 drivers surveyed shared that they'd failed to act on such warnings following the mandatory safety check and have waited 'months’ to replace their tyres. 

Meanwhile, 11% of respondent held off for an entire year - until their next MOT- according to the eBay commissioned survey.

A spokesperson for the online marketplace said: “Our research suggests millions of motorists aren’t fully considering the ramifications of driving with unroadworthy tyres, especially during the winter months.”

eBay commissioned the survey to highlight tyre safety, with its study finding that 20% of people rarely or never check the condition of their tyres.

The new research also reported that 18% of drivers have no idea what state their tyres are in. 

While a shocking 18% of respondents admitted that they wouldn’t know how to check.

What is the legal minimum tyre tread depth in the UK?

The current legal minimum amount of tread for a car tyre in the UK is 1.66mm.

However, the legal limit varies by vehicle for example most larger vehicles require a 1.0mm through a continuous band and motorbikes of 50cc and over also need a 1.0mm throughout a continuous band.

If you drive with worn tyres, it's not only a serious safety risk to yourself and other vehicles on the road but could land you in a lot of trouble.

Can I be fined for driving with bald tyres?

The fine for bald tyres is £2,500 and you can also face three points on your licence per tyre.

How often should I check my tyres?

Drivers are recommended to check their tyres monthly for any signs of damage or wear.

For a further breakdown and guidance, visit the AA website.

How can I check my tyres?

You can sign up for a free tyre check any time at any Halfords or National Tyres and Autocare garage.

Drivers can also use a tyre tread depth gauge to help you get an accurate measurement. Find out more via the Halfords website.

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RAC also suggests taking a 20p coin and inserting it into the grooves of your tyre. 

If you can't see the coin's outer band, your tyres are over the legal limit.

However, if you can see this section on the coin, your tyres may be unsafe and below the legal limit.

RAC recommends that you carry out the 20p coin check every two weeks and before big journeys.