The Pregnant Man: ‘Flabbergasted’ neighbours force business to withdraw application for new pub off Farringdon Road

Crawford Passage. Picture: Google Maps

Crawford Passage. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A pub will no longer open off Farringdon Road after “flabbergasted” neighbours argued it could lead to defecation on doorsteps, bricks through windows and the area becoming like Soho.

Chancery Lane pub The Pregnant Man was next week set to ask councillors for a new premise licence, so it could open a boozer in the Ray Building, Crawford Passage, within the same office space as LinkedIn's UK HQ.

The applicant was asking for a licence to sell alcohol from 8am to 11pm Monday and Friday. But this provoked 19 representations from 17 neighbours, a property management company and a top licencing officer.

"This is blatant short-term profiteering," said one neighbour. "We will fight from the start to have this decision overturned. We have no intention for this corner to become Islington's new Soho."

Many complaints focused on the Ray Buildling's close proximity to The Coach pub and the Pianoworks, as neighbours feared another drinking venue would increase noise pollution, litter attracting "vermin" and anti-social behaviour.

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"We were frankly flabbergasted," said another objector, "having lived in this area since 1997 we have been riddled with crime and disorder since that date from the use of drugs, bricks through windows, noise and constant aftermath of drunkenness.

"I had water thrown in my face by [punters] at Pianoworks which scared me as I didn't know it was water and only realised when it touched my face.

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"We have had excrement in the corner of our forecourt on a number of occasions, which is disgusting."

Another person added: "As an Islington citizen I will fight ruthless marketing, My home is my haven - we need undisturbed sleep."

Some objectors alleged when first consulted about future use of the ground floor Ray Building site, it had been touted to them as a cafe.

People also said they sometimes felt unsafe walking past crowds of drunken people near the area's existing venues.

A Preganant Man spokesperson told the Gazette: "Unfortunately the decision has been taken to withdraw the application.

"We decided to withdraw the application on reconsideration of the site and further to this we have no further comment."

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