Neighbours star’s debut play premiers in Islington

A FORMER star of Aussie soap Neighbours premiers his playwriting debut in Islington tonight.

Adam Hunter, best known for playing twins Robert and Cameron Robinson in the cult antipodean show, spent the last two years writing The Pork Crunch, which runs at the Pleasance Theatre, North Road, Holloway, until May 15.

Described as a 90 minute rollercoaster of drugs, desperation and desire, the play tells the story of two 20-somethings, down on their luck during the recession, who get a sudden opportunity to make some money.

The 29-year-old Queensland native said he made the jump from acting to writing almost by accident.

He said: “It wasn’t as if I wanted to quit acting and become a writer. I had been writing stuff for auditions and people’s reaction was they wanted to see more, so I went away and started writing and tweaking and this the end result.

“Having my writing on display makes me nervous, I can’t say that it doesn’t, but it is great to open in the Pleasance, which is a big comedy venue anyway.

“We are in the stage space upstairs, because we would get lost on the big stage, and it is important for us to have a real intimacy.”

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Despite having moved on to pastures new, Adam remembers fondly his time on Neighbours.

He said: “I never regret it for a minute. I did 50 episodes over three years and it gave me a great start for my career.

“It has a huge following over here, the British support it so much. Neighbours is still alive and kicking and many actors who have come from it have gone on to some big films.

“It was fantastic opportunity to have. There was such a fast turnaround that you really learn your stuff quickly.”