Net novices in Islington being taught how to get online

Arthur Mills, 85, gained a new lease of life through the internet

Arthur Mills, 85, gained a new lease of life through the internet - Credit: Archant

Net novices in the borough have been benefiting from an initiative to get them online.

The Net Workx programme, run by Peabody, is taking part in the national Be Online campaign – helping residents to stay healthy, find work, live life and be online.

One Islington resident who has benefitted from the scheme is 85-year-old Arthur Mills who has found a new lease of life since learning how to surf the web.

Having never used a keyboard until the age of 76, Arthur’s passion and enthusiasm for surfing the web has grown from regularly spending two hours watching his favourite artists on YouTube to becoming an owner of an iPad which he uses for communicating with friends and family via Skype and Facebook.

Sessions for those who want to learn online skills such as how to pay bills, connect with family and friends, shop and, even just find general information, take place at the Hugh Cubbit Centre in Collier Street, Kings Cross from 3 to 5pm on Wednesdays and at Calcott Community Centre, Cathcart Hill, Tufnell Park between 10am and 12noon on Thursdays.

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