New pie and mash stall opens in Holloway

The stall at Nag’s Head Market is set to prove a winner with shoppers.

Pearly Princess Shannon Simmonds, nine, enjoys a forkful of pie and mash with her granddad George Major, the Pearly King of Peckham.

The pair were at the opening of new pie and mash stall Jono’s in Nag’s Head Market, Holloway, on Saturday.

The stand served more than 300 portions of the traditional East End fare on its first day – and could be the only pie and mash shop in London doing home deliveries.

Danielle Barfoot, who has set up the stall with two friends, said: “It’s something we have been thinking about doing for a while. We have had so much positive feedback already, from people who are saying it’s something they have always been calling out for in the area.”

Supplier Jim Thurston said: “Whenever there’s a market, pie and mash does well. It’s the first one I’ve heard of that does home deliveries and I think they could be on to a winner.”