Night Tube: ‘Nothing but positives’ expected for Islington economy ahead of Victoria line launch

Commuters and a tube of Pringles on the Victoria line platform at Highbury & Islington Station. Pict

Commuters and a tube of Pringles on the Victoria line platform at Highbury & Islington Station. Picture: Nick Ansell/PA Wire - Credit: PA WIRE

Islington Chamber of Commerce expects “nothing but positives” for the borough’s evening economy when the Night Tube finally launches next Friday.

Hak Huseyin, vice-chairman of the business interest group, believes Upper Street in particular will thrive from a 24-hour Underground service.

The Victoria line, incorporating Highbury & Islington – as well as King’s Cross St Pancras and Finsbury Park – will be the first Night Tube to launch.

The Northern (Angel) and Piccadilly (Holloway Road) lines will follow in the autumn.

“We are expecting nothing but positives for the area,” Mr Huseyin said this morning.

“It will obviously make going back and forth a lot easier: the impact hopefully being that people will spend more money in Islington.

“There will also be more flexibility for staff, and employers should be able to offer more hours.”

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He now expects bars and restaurants to apply for longer hours: “With rent and business rates being as expensive as they are in Islington, they may see it as an opportunity to meet those costs and take more money.

“If I was a restaurant or bar owner, I would be jumping at this chance.”

He added: “Some people might not be too happy at bars being open until the early hours, and anti-social behaviour could be an issue.

“But from my experiences of, for example, Upper Street at night, it is very well managed.”

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