No 4am fish and chips at Newington Green takeaway

HUNGRY late night revellers will have to settle for a kebab instead of fish and chips after a takeaway business failed with its bid to stay open until 4am everyday.

The Paradise Fish Bar in Newington Green Road applied for a late night licence from Islington Council to continue selling the classic British grub until 4am.

But Newington Green residents were unhappy with the prospect of drunken people hanging around and they complained to the council.

One resident said: “It would severely disrupt our lives and sleep if the premises were allowed the extended hours of operation. It would attract customers from nearby pubs and bars after they have closed which would add to late night noise, nuisance and crime.”

The fish and chip shop revised its plans and has instead been granted a licence from the Islington Council planning committee to open until 1am between Monday and Thursday, 2am on Friday and Saturday and midnight on Sunday.

The planning committee ruled that two staff members should always be serving the boozed up customers.

Paradise Fish Bar owner Mehmet Bekpinar said: “I have been here for three years and there has never been any trouble. We have regular customers and everyone knows each other here. You get the odd argument from time to time but nothing serious. We open early everyday but there’s more business after 8pm and after the pubs close.”

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The chippy has installed closed circuit television (CCTV).