No drugs problems on our estate

I JUST wanted to set the record straight regarding “Two shot in gang style execution” (Gazette, November 11, 2010).

I am a resident and was with one of the victims after the shooting. This estate does not have a drug problem. I have lived on the estate for 25 years and apart from some minor incidents nothing like this has ever happened.

I have always felt very safe here and to tar this estate as a rough area is wrong. This incident was a targeted event that was brought here from east London. – Name and address supplied.

IN response to the article regarding the two young men shot in Strang House, on the Cummings Estate (Gazette, November 11, 2010), it was reported that neighbours stated that the estate suffers from crime problems.

This is untrue. It is also claimed that the young men killed were near a known drugs hang out – also untrue.

The playground that is referred to in the article is not a haven for drug dealers or users and is used by all the children in the area including children from Popham Estate where it is claimed that your information was gleaned.

I live in Strang House and was awoken by the gunshots. At no time were these shots mistaken for fireworks or anything else, I discovered Lee Wallace and stayed with him until he died. – Name and address supplied.