Not enough was done to save our antiques market

MY antiques business, now closed, was in the Mall, Camden Passage, Islington, for 10 years.

MY antiques business, now closed, was in the Mall, Camden Passage, Islington, for 10 years.

During that time I watched dealers being evicted from their premises, with their businesses either destroyed or minimised as a result.

At no time did I notice Islington Council showing any concern, or protecting these people in any way.

Corporate greed, as usual in the UK thesé days, always won out. Now it's the turn of the Mall, and (having closed my business and emigrated 18 months ago because of a strong feeling that this would happen), this time the council are at least making the correct noises; how long this will continue is a matter for conjecture.

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Camden Passage, whether one was interested in antiques or not, was one of the last surviving area of genuine interest in London, bringing into the area a large number of visitors who spent money in local shops and restaurants.

If the Mall closes, it will sound the death knell of the antiques area itself, to the detriment of many other businesses as well as those of the dealers, who will have nowhere else to go due to the ridiculous costs of establishing a gallery elsewhere.

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As to the plans of the new owners - which, presumably, include new designer/high priced outlets for which they plan to charge exorbitant rents, have they not read the financial news lately?

In the UK's present economic climate? I'm glad I'm not a shareholder! - Name and address supplied.

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