Nurse cleared after man found dead on toilet at Whittington Hospital

A WHITTINGTON Hospital nurse accused of failing to resuscitate a patient whose heart had stopped has been cleared of misconduct.

Clemente Uysin, 54, was said to have left the 72-year-old man dead on a toilet by his bed for almost 45 minutes.

But a misconduct hearing before the Nursing and Midwifery Council ended prematurely after the panel ruled there was insufficient evidence.

A key witness’s testimony was “inherently weak and unreliable”, said chairman John Matharu.

Mr Matharu added that psychiatric nurse Oluwakemi Diyan, who had escorted schizophrenic Patient A from a secure mental unit to the hospital in Magdala Avenue, Archway, was unsure about timings.

The patient had been admitted to Whittington Hospital the night before suffering from breathing problems.

It was claimed that Uysin had left to deal with another patient after finding him slumped forward on the bedside commode at around 5.45am on October 28, 2007.

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Patient A had been placed on the toilet around 15 minutes earlier.

Uysin denied realising that the man was unresponsive at that time.

He admitted failing to attempt resuscitation or summon help at 6.28am when he found the patient unresponsive.

Mr Matharu said the panel “cannot be satisfied” that Uysin left the patient for 45 minutes but added that “on the face of it, the registrant did not act in accordance with hospital policy”.

The panel heard evidence from a senior nurse that CPR “would have been futile” at 6.28am because Patient A had “clearly” been dead for some time.

His death was finally certified by a duty doctor at 6.45am.

Uysin, who is listed by the NMC as living in Brent, was cleared of misconduct.

He had denied failing to recognise Patient A’s cardiac arrest until 6.28am despite finding him “unresponsive” at 5.45am, and failing to begin resuscitation or call for help at 5.45am.

Uysin, who has been a registered nurse since 2002, admitted the allegations of failing to attempt resuscitation or summon help at 6.28am.