Ouch - hairy Hilmi takes one for the team

HAIRY Hilmi Osman lets his boss Hak Huseyin help him get a few things off his chest as he bravely plunges through the pain barrier in the name of charity.

The two men from Absolute Print, in Junction Road, Archway, both had their legs waxed to raise money for Breast Cancer Research - but Mr Huseyin pulled rank and left Mr Osman out in the cold when it came to a full frontal wax in the street outside neighbouring business The Retreat.

So far the barmy pair have raked in �1,500 with their crazy antics - �1,400 from generous customers and �100 from bemused passers-by on the street.

Mr Huseyin said: “Someone suggested we get our legs waxed for charity and we were happy to go through a bit of pain, but one specific customer gave us �100 for Hilmi to have his chest done too. I was offered a bit to do the same but there’s no way this belly was coming out in public.”

- To make a donation visit www.justgiving.com/hilmi-osman